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hopes for gravity falls season 2:

  • more demonic summoning
  • more robbie
  • can dipper like get possessed or something that’d be sick as hell
  • more gideon
  • can gideon like lose an eye or something that’d be sick as hell

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This comment took me about 30 minutes to make. It was in reply to the comments section blindly hating on movies like Frozen and shows like Adventure Time. I refuted as best as I could, and added an extra punch at the end.

I’m pretty proud of it.

And you should be. Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, and Frozen fan here. All that you said is on point. Just let the haters rage on, dude.

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True, that he's no Prince Charming -
but there's something in him that I simply didn't see.

dedicated to Mar

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10,000 Follower Giveaway

We thought we’d do something a little special for finally breaking 10k followers on tumblr. We’re giving away a triple treat of prizes to one lucky winner along with some runner-up prizes to several others! The rules are simple, just follow us and like or reblog to enter! The winners will be chosen after the premiere of “Into the Bunker” on August 4th. Good luck!



Picture #1: It’s clearly the Illuminati sign which Clarence himself thought was there instead of whatever actually was there.

Picture #2: It’s yet another pyramid with a pin through it at the top! 

Picture #3: Just a triangle. (Which is always Illuminati, duh) 

Picture #4: Not just an ordinary wet floor sign. It happened to knock Clarence down with it’s demonic powers.

And there you have it. Clarence is proven to be Illuminati with 4 picture and too many triangles in one episode.

Skyler Page didn’t stop you from watching this show? Well this surely will.

I haven’t watched this show yet (because damn CN Asia why you take so long to have new stuff), but if the basis for this are just basic triangles without any circles on them (but the first one though); it’s not totally Illuminati. TBH, I also see those in our Catholic church (and I was shocked and scared at the same time)


Jesse Moynihan confirms that he and Derek Ballard boarded “Nemesis”.



Jesse Moynihan confirms that he and Sam Alden boarded “The Mountain” and “Evergreen” is a Tom & Steve ep.




I think that Soos knows about Bills existence, and tried (or still is) to get answers from him. In the mailbox short, Soos asked in the background: “Did aliens build the pyramids!?”. When Bill said that he new lots of things, one of the images he showed was pyramids. So he likely knew about the secrets about them. I also like it how Soos was clearly there during the time of it. But why would he wants answers about pyramids? Maybe he’s a secret agent?

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